The basic requirement for becoming a member of the Verdi Club is you must be male and over 21 years of age.

If you are Italian or of Italian descent, you are eligible to become a regular member. Regular members enjoy full voting privileges, can hold any elective office (except for Council Social Member), and are entitled to other club benefits.

If you are not Italian or not of Italian descent, you may join the club as a social member. Social members do not have voting privileges other than to elect a Council Social Member during the annual club elections held in March. Council Social Member is the only elective office a social member may hold.

In order to become a member, you must fill out a membership application that includes the signatures of two current regular members who, by signing your application, are acting as your membership sponsors. The completed and signed application is then given to the Dues Secretary, who will oversee the processing of your membership.

Membership applications are available at the bar.

If you have any questions, please contact us.