2015 Men's Summer Standings
This Week:
  Team Lasala @ Team Fiori Court 1 630
  Team Spencer @ Team Hotlen Court 2 630
  Team Bell @ Team Lasala Court 1 730
  Team Matts @ Team Spencer Court 2 730
  Team Molter @ Team Bredeson Court 1 830
  Team Wihlborg @ Team Rollo Court 2 830
  Team Molter @ Team Swick Court 1 930
  Team J. McCrea @ Team Wihlborg Court 2 930

Next Week:

  Position Night. Schedule to come based off standings.
League Rules

Each team consists of 4 players who must be club members. Cost is $30.00 per man ($120.00 per team) payable by May 10th.There will be no banquet. Exact payout will be determined later.

Game winners are determined by the first team to make 12 points or having the highest score after one hour. If tied, then one more frame is played.

You are allowed to wait 5 minutes past start time of your game for a player to show up. If your game starts 5 minutes late you get 1 hour from that time.

Only two subs are allowed per game and they must not be regular members of another team. Teams can play with 3 members but if so, can only roll 3 balls.