1. All games will play to 12 points or 1 hour from scheduled start time, whichever comes first. There will be a 5 minute allowance following each game for the next team to take the court.
  2. Players must not step over the foul line
  3. At least 2 regular players must be present at the beginning of the game
  4. All measurements must be done from the bocce ball to the pallino only
  5. Only the two lead off players are allowed to measure
  6. Only the two lead off players can go to the other end of the court during a round. All other players should stay back until all points have been established
  7. If a player misses 3 times without notice, she will be reduced to sub status
  8. If a player is not present by the 3rd round of play, she will not be able to play that game
  9. Once a point is established it cannot be measured again. Only movement of that ball constitutes a re-measurement. NOTE: can only measure for point, not to determine how many are in
  10. If a sub is called to play for a regular player and the regular player shows up, the regular player must play. However, common courtesy is asked when asking a sub to play. It is the responsibility of all players to call their own subs. If there is an emergency at the last minute, the player should call a teammate to let them know
  11. If a team is short a player, after the lead off shoots, the remaining players must rotate and no one may throw two consecutive times
  12. In the event of a tie, one additional round will be played and the team that scores will be the winner